Can help in french and want inprove my english English

Hello my name is Sérane I want inprove my english and I can help you in french .
I hope have english penpel (girl) .
We can become friends ♥
H hope read you soon !

Bon courage 😉

Merci Jade

Hello,Serane.My name is pengmingfei. You can call me Lily Peng. I am a Chinese international high school student. Students in my class have classes in English. I have been learning English for 13 years.And I got 7.0 in IELTS(listening 7.0.reading 8.5,speaking 6.0,writing 6.0).There are some tips might help you:1.You should improve your grammar.I can't find the subject of this sentence-"Can help in french and want inprove my English".
2. Do some reading.You can pick something that you are interested in to read.
3.Try to watch some videos without the subtitle which is written in your mother language.
4.You should practice everyday.Because language is a tool.You will forget it if you don't use it.
5.For speaking and writing. I really don't have any good advise,since my speaking and writing is not that good.

Actually, I am considering learning a new language.I will pick one from Spanish,france and German.