I'm looking a good english penpal (USA or UK) English

Hello 😛
I've been learning English for two years and I'd like to have a penpal (girl or boy)
I'd like to discover USA (or UK) because I love these two countries. 001_tt1
Do you want to help me ? And do you want to become my friend ? ♥
(I can help you for your french 001_cool )
Thank you big_smile

Xan Xan

I can help you. I am not really interested in learning French. I am trying to learn Japanese but yes I can help you with English if you like.

Pauw, Am an English teacher in Uganda! We run an epals exchange where children can write and send letter in English! This can give you a huge opportunity to see varriations in the English language. It will help you figure out a number of mistakes'learning points that you may need to be aware of when using the English language. We are very willing to be you class room pen-pals if you have not yet got enough friends. We can use both emails and post.

Thank you!
Tr. Richard.

Hello I'm from England, and I can help you with your English.


I can help, too. 🙂