Homework.Please help me finish this survey(How much do you know …) English

Hello.I am Moonie.I am a senior high school student from China.Spring Festival is coming and we have just finished the final exam.During the 22-days holiday,I and my classmates need to do a special homework. There are 9 subjects for us to choose,including Chinese,mathamatical,English,geograph,biology,physics,politics,history and chemistry.I chose English and I need to make a survey about cultural differences between China and other countries.Please give me a hand.Here is the survey.Please write down your answers using the A/B/C/D/E

Q1😃o you know any Chinese festival?What are they?
A.I don't know any about it. B.Yes, I know,they are…

Q2:Chinese people usually eat dumplings on ( )
A.the Mid-Autumn Festival B.the Spring Festival C.the Dragon Boat Festival
D.Tomb-sweeping Day E.I don't know

Q3:What's the most important festival in China?
A.The Mid-Autumn Festival B.The Spring Festival
C.The Dragon-Boat Festival D.I don't know

Q4;The snack called Yuanxiao or Tangyuan is for( )
A .The Spring Festival B.The Mid-Autumn Festival
C.The Dragon-Boat Festival D.I don't know

Q5:The Chinese people may call 2010( )
A.the Year of the Dog B.the Year of the Dragon
C.the Year of the TIger D.I don't know

Q6:The Spring Festival usually comes in ( )
A.February B.January C.May D.I don't know

Q7:It is said that Qu Yuan( )
A.died on the fifth of the fifth month more than 2,200 years ago
B.was the only auther of Poems of the Chu State
C.invented a famous Chinese food named"Zong zi"
D.was a reat poet in ancient China
E.I don't know

Q8:Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year ( )
A.for 15 days
B.from the new moon to the full moon in the first month of the Lunar year
C.from January 21 to February 22
D.I don't know

Q9:What do people eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival?
A.mooncake B.dumplings C.Zong zi D.I don't know

Q10:When do the children get the red packets ?
A.On the Spring Festival B.On the Mid-Autumn Festival
C.On the Dragon Boat Festival D.I don't know

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Q1, A ; Q2, A ; Q3, B? ; Q4, D ; Q5, C? ; Q6, C ; Q7, E ; Q8, B ; Q9, A ; Q10, C

Now I have no clue about anything in these questions. Lol. I just guessed.