Want to meet people with skype ?! Over here !!! English

Tux Tux

Hey !

My name is Victor , I'm 18 from France.
I will be really glad to meet english or american people to improve my english . I think skype is a really good tool and people don't use it enough.
I can teach french if you want , just add me : tux195 .

Thanks, Bye 😉


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mine is brittrocksrainbows

I'm a 12year old girl who lives in Korea.. and my skype ID is anayeoun.
my English is not that good..
If you're interested in Korean, you can add me. 😁

inaara_loves_you43 is mine... be looking forward to talking

Hey there!! Am Arkadiy. From Russia. I need 2 improve ma english.. Ma skype login is spark417
Thank u beforehand!

Hey, I'm Flora from Hungary. I'm 17. I would like to talk with anyone 🙂
- mine is : morgand 🙂

hello... i'm Isabela. I have to improve my english... I need some help... 😛

hi my name is Camille and i'm 16 year's old.I love english and i have visited england and scotland <3 . I would like to meet people =)

Hello My Name Is Emmanuel Im 24 Im A U.S Marine My Skype Is marine4lfe

🙂 I'm Marli, and I'm from California!!!! My skype is waylover23, so 🙂