Searching for a pen pal English

Hey everyone
I would like to improve my english especially my writting skills, so I would like to write letters with somebody
In exchange I can help you to learn german
I'am interested in differents kinds of music (kpop,Bollywood Songs, the newest hits from USA, French and Germans music) and am playing volleyball in my free time

I would be really appreciated if someone would get in touhe with me 🙂

Hi how are you?
I’m from China. I would like to be your pen pal. It’s good for improving English because I also learn it.

Hi, I'm probably not the person your looking for 'cause I'm from Germany 😂 But still I would like to chat with you

That s not a Problem. I liked to meet new people, so you re welcome 🙂

Hey Jesus, Im fine. I started yesterday with zumba and I love it. Especially the latin music