Big fan of foreign languages and music English

hello🙂 I am fond of Swedish poems and Nothern movies. Also I love many British books and misic, such as Queen, the Beatles, Oasis, Blur, which infect prosperous culture. Oh, I watch a lot of English tv shows too, the Good Omens, the a word, the Black Mirror...
My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings. I hope I can make penpal with Swedish and British. Thank u all!

I love french and french music (i think it's the sexiest language in the world), i really like also dutch (i only listen teske but i would like to know more about dutch music) and last but not least i really love deutsch, indeed it's the language/culture i chose to study at university. But i need to know more about deutsch music and movies! Absolutely!

I think French and deutsch sound very beautiful!!

I love French music and German and Chinese movies

I love different kinds of music, so last time the language doesn't really matter. I listened many artists from different countries, but I loved some american, german, norvey, korean music the most. Of course I love Ukrainian music too and if you have a chance to listen "Обійми мене" (Hug me) by Okean Elzy don't miss it!

I'm a huge fan of Italian language and music...