improve my english English

i am kamil and i want to improve my English

Hello kamil, my name is Riva Gabriele and also I want to improve my english

Hi, guys! I didn't want just to write 'my name.. I want to improve..'. I will write about how am I improving my English.
1.Nothing is better then everyday repeat. Reading, learning new words or anything else. It will not matter if you will not repeat it.
2. Change your phone language in settings. It will help you if you're always on the phone.
3. Listen music in English. Try to learn lyrics you liked with translation. Sing and improve your skills.
4. Translated videos? No, no and no. Find the video you need in English (with subtitles) and try to understand. If no - try to find subtitles in your language. It works especially if you're interested in the theme of the video (something about your favourite celebrities, TV series/films, books, sport matches, ets.).
Good luck!