Happy! English

Hi everyone! I'm wondering what makes you happy!
For me is that for example my dog, my friends and some good music (and hundreds of other things 🙂 ). What about you?

For me, if my team win the game I will happy. I love football. And I usually listen music , If I find some very great songs I will very happy too!

Hi !
I think that what makes me happy is every good moments I spend with my friends and my family. And, also, all the things like travelling, discovering, learning new things, meet new people,...
I know that I'm saying somthing boring but I think love the life.


I´m happy every time. this is good

Today is my first time join here, it's a novelty thing that makes me feel good. And it's also a pleasure to love nature and life, so I ride my bike to enjoy it.

I. M happy, if I see good results of my work and if people need me. I think so🙂

Hi everyone, makes me happy to travel with my motorcycle, and see beautiful places,
but above all when at the end of a day I feel I have lived it and not just passed