hey! i’m Salma, and im from Italy, Venice. I want a pen friend from usa because i want to learn English. Maybe in the future we can meet💕💞. by the way im 16. bye bye girls and boys

I'm looking for friend who speak English well. My name is Anna and I'm 15.

I´m from to Spain, I would like practise English, portuguese and Italian.
I understand a bit English, but I don´t know portuguese and Italian

I'm a 15-year-old girl who coming from China.I wanna practise English with everybody.If you like so,please message me.

Hi I am 26 and I live in Germany and I would like to help you to improve English language.
If you want to just text me.

See you later

I'm 18 years ago and my name is dave i'm looking for English friend Im España xd

I'm Wiktoria. I'm from to Poland. I'm looking friends. I want to speaking with a lot of people and learn about different cultures, countries and meet people who are interested

HAHA I can relate to the title and not only on this site.. no just joking. I got a lot of cool friends in real life but I also love to meet new ones so if you want to chat just sent me a text haha