What is the reputation of frenchman ? English

Hello i'm French and i want to know what do you think about the frenchman =D ( sorry for my bad english ! 😁 )

Une baguette sous le bras et un béret sur la tête voilà comment la caricature du français est vue à l'étranger

Maintenant pour la personnalité je sais pas .. Nous en Belgique on vous aime bien les ch'tis fransquillons :tongue:


Holding a french stick under your arm and wearing a beret on your head here's how the frenchman is seen abroad xD

Well I don't know what they think about the personnality ... Us in Belgium really like you, little frenchies 😛


My dad thinks that French people are rude, but he speaking from a bad experience in France. 😛
BUT! I want to go to Franch so bad, maybe next year with my school???? 😃

Oh, and French boys are sexyyyy. (:

I think Frenchman love their wine and bread (I always see them like that in Movies).
And very Gay (happy)

Yes it's true ! lol each time in the Simpsons we can see frenchman with her bread ! =P 😁

i like french bread lol

Well most people think "baguette" when they think of French bread. But the basic baguette is crap really, it's just crumbs and it gets all hard and dry as soon as you break it.
Are we French people really seen as bad drivers? Because some parts on France are known for their bad drivers among French people 😁

french men get all the wemenz

Ah ah! after the americans, the frenchies! Comme on dit en France, je suppose qu'il "n'y a pas de fumée sans feu" et que ces idées sur les Français ont bien une source réelle, mais peut être exagérée!
It's sure that if you go in the small villages, in the hinterlands, populations are maybe more "rude" that in the big city! ah ah! but i know a lot of people in France who are really hospitables even if some others are more cold.
French are they seeing in the world as "boastful" or egocentric about their own country ? because it's true that it's maybe the case, i don't know! XD

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I love french guys 🙂

lol! good questions guy! That's fun to see the answers! lol. But in my point of view the french people as rude as american or japan...etc, but the romantic attitude that's true! lol 😉

I love French people.
But I hear they are food snobs. 😛

I love French people.
But I hear they are food snobs. 😛
Huuum food!!! Good, food! 001_tt1 who said we are food snobs ? :chef

Just that you are all veryyy picky about you food.
I mean I just eat everything. 😛
Butttt, I hear that you all have to eat formal food all the time.

Picky about food i don't know, i think it's a value who disapear with the time! Since 10 or 20 years, a lot of fast food begin to win front of french more tipical food more balanced, but i think that in France, the food is really important for a lot of people, even if this conception seems begin to disapear in fact.

I also hear that when you go to restaurants, you never have leftovers to take back with you!
Oh my gosh! I would hate that, I love my leftovers! I take them the next day to school for lunch. (: