Name : Ari-han

Nationality : Malaysian

Age : 20

Date of Birth : 03/July/1989

Hobby : I like backpack travelling, extreme sport, meet new friends and learn new language.

Describe yourself : I like to travel, the furthest I've ever been to is New Zealand. Through my experience I find that If you stay in one place, you will be that place (old, rotten). That's why my ambition is to travel around the world and enjoyed the beauty the world have to offer. Othe than that, I'm quite athelethic (not a meathead). Quite competetive (nuff said), but most importantly I admit that I'm quite friendly (easy to approach). That's why I want to have a penpal (wherever you are out there) so that I wouldn't be all alone here in Malaysia. Fell free to e-mail me (yop_(email hidden)) maybe we could share stories etc.