I'd like to find a female pen pal who is 20 years or older. I'm 28. It could be fun to talk to someone from Europe, because mail travels faster, but I'm open to talking to people from USA and Canada too. I like making my mail look nice, and using lots of stickers and nice tapes, so I prefer pen pals who put some kind of effort in their letters too 🙂

Some of my interests are good literature, pop culture, photography, and second hand shopping. I like rainy summer days, and writing is a dear hobby of mine. I try to do some exercising regularly, but I'm not into athletic lifestyle. I don't like going to clubs or bars either. Books always win movies, and I love The Peanuts. If traveling was free, you'd never see me again. I have too many blue tank tops, and people who think I'm shy nowadays, have seen nothing.

Feel free to drop me a private message if you think we could find things to talk about 🙂 I like talking about all kind of every day things, and learning about your culture. I'm happy to have a chat about anything except politics.