improve english skills English

Hi, my name is anouk. Im from the Netherlands and Im 17 years. Next year I go to university and I would like to improve my english. I hope someone can help me. I think if I talk more english with people, it will help. I hope I can find here a penfriend to talk with! 🙂

Hello, Anouk! I would love to converse with you in English to help you practise the language 🙂

Hi, im very happy that you post a reaction on my message. Its amazing that you like to help me with improving my english. 🙂

If you want to improve your English skills, you should definitely try to practice on a daily basis with the good tools, you can easily become fluent in a language this way ! 😊

Yes I know, I thought if I speak english with people, my english becomes better. Im very bad in it in english class at school, so i want to become better. But Thanks for your reaction😊