Do you like American Football? English

( not soccer, Football. (: )

i like it , although here isn't popular at all , i enjoy watching at TV . but i'd like to play it.

oh cool (:

i like football american , and soccer american , it very coool

american football?

to play, kind of. to watch, no.

like to watch,but not to play(I don't know how))

i like it too. Many people just see the "violent" side of this sport. But that's a lot of strategic too.
I would like to try it.

even if i'm sure I would prefer playing rugby =)

i have never seen a real american football =)) i have seen only in movies.
here is not so popular =)) and i have not big body =P the soccer is better i think =P

well it's like rugby but i think that there is a difrence between them and in american football they have like an armor but i like basbol