Hello :) I like to have a letter friend? XD English

Hello 🙂
I'm from Germany.
I like to have an English letter friend? XD Well, I don't know what's 'Brieffreund' in English XD
I'm 11, but in May 2019 I'm 12.

Hi, I study English. I really want to learn it, and write to foreigners!

Hi! I'm an Italian girl, I know English, Spanish, German and a little bit of French and Russian.
I would like to find a penfriend to talk with 🙂
Ps: I am a rower

i am finding a penfriend to exchange letters . 🙂

Hello, I'm french and I would like improve my english... I would like find a people for exchange letters in english!
If you want you can look my profil in instagram: shanna.ym, I'm very active in social network!

Hi, my name is anouk. Im from the Netherlands and Im 17 years. Next year I go to university and I would like to improve my english. I hope I can find here a penfriend to talk with! 🙂

Hi, I'm Paulina from Poland. I,m psychology student and I really want to improve my English or French. I'm looking for someone to talk with! 😊

Hi! I'm Elisabetta. I'm an italian student of languages. I speak Italian (of course 😛), English, French and a bit of Spanish. I would really like to find a pen friend. I'd like to improve my English, French or Spanish. Please do not hesitate to contact me if interested! 🙂

Hi, I'm Dario. I'm an italian boy and I want to improve my English. I would also like to find a penfriend to talk to!