Hi Everyone,

Im new to this forum so just a quick intro and a few things about me 🙂

Im Emma, im 24 year old girl from Kent,England looking for Female snail mail pen pals!!
I would prefer females and from all over the world ... and a pal who won't stop writing after a few letter's.

I have interests here are but some of mine:
*Writing long letters and Emails to my pals
*Watching Tv and Dvd's
*Going to the cinema(when i can afford it)
*Using Internet(Facebook.PenPals-united Forum ect)
*Long Walks
*Dancing and singing
*Listening to music(all different genres)
*Animals and nature
*Reading(im a big bookworm)
*Spending time with my husband,family and friends)
*Shopping with friends
*1950's Rock'n'Roll
*Collecting ornaments and soft toys
*Making new friends form all over the world
*cooking(even though im just learning)

I am very open and will talk about any subject, and give my opinon if asked for it. Im very supportive though tough times in life, love to share up's,down's,hopes and dreams too.
I always handwrite my letter's as i feel they are more personal that way 😃

Im married to Aj we got married in June this year.
I work full time as an early morning cleaner for a company called TC Cleaning Contractor's.

Hugs Emma x