Real penpal English

Hi! I’m Alessandra, I’m 20 and I live in Padua, a little city in the north Italy.
I’m looking for a real penpal to exchange real letters, because I think that the technology has ruined us and many beautiful emotions that a letter is giving you, now have been lost.
I hope to find a person to help me with English, because I really need it!
In exchange I will help you with Italian!!

Ciao I'm interested in writing letter's, I'm learning Italian and I'm from England. Drop me a messege if your still looking for a snail mail penpal.

Good morning!

I’d love to have a real old fashioned penpal! Currently I am learning Italian, I’m 23 and from Germany!

Hi! My name is Ivan, I'm from Moscow, Russia. I would like to learn English with real penpal. I'm interested in history of Ancient Rome, football and culture) besides, I'm like to write and send real letters. Write me if you want to talk with me)

I prefer a penpal who likes to exchange e-mails. Real letters are a way too slow for me. 🙂