Looking for an e-mail buddy! English


I'm nearly 26, from Finland. I'm hoping to find a female e-mail buddy with whom to talk about all kind of ordinary, every day things. Maybe from Europe, because I already have two American pen pals, but I'd be interested to talk to someone from Canada or USA too. Hopefully you are about my age. Some years younger or older person is alright too if we seem to have many common interests 🙂 I don't have too many requests, but hopefully you write pretty long messages (it's difficult to communicate with a person who writes one line) and your English is alright. I don't have motivation to write anything if your messages only confuse me.

I guess I could say I like peaceful life 😃 I'm a big fan of art galleries or museums. I can't say photography would be my hobby, but I'm always keeping an eye on cool views and snapping pictures to Instagram. Grant Gustin is my favourite. Besides him I like rainy summer days as long as I don't need to go anywhere, railway stations, croissants and different shades of blue. Practical side of traveling makes me little crazy, but I still like to experience new things. Literature freak and a sports fan. I can occasionally watch almost anything, but I'm not an active follower.

If you'd be interested to get to know me, drop a message on my profile, and we can exchange contact information ♥

You are an interesting personality 🙂