Making new friends and helping people improve their English:) English

Hi! just looking for new people to chat with and if anyone needs help with improving their English, I am willing to help🙂

Hey, I am looking for someone to write in englich. I am from germany, so maybe you want to improve your german. Looking forward to get an answer from you. 🙂

Hey, I'm french and I would like to improve my english so if you'rd looking for a french's teacher, I'm here. But if you are canadian maybe you speak french haha

Hi, I'm dutch and I'm looking for someone to write with to improve my english, I'm 22 years old 🙂

Guys, I can advise you something. In general, I originally tried to find interlocutors on this site. I myself know English well, it was required for me so that my brother could find a girl from abroad. But he said that he had already found [url=][color=#333333][/color][/url] , where even with a minimum knowledge of the language can find himself a good girl. Now he already communicates with someone from Ukraine, I'm happy about it. 🙂

I also want improve my english skills and I would also want get know new people from all over the world. I am 27 old woman from Finland. It would be nice to find new friend and get know other cultures.

I can use email and Facebook for chatting

Hi, I'm interested to chat with you because I have to improve my English, oral and written, contact me if you want to talk and I will give you my e-mail adress!
See you soon!

Hi all, I'm Russian, and want improve English and know something new, so I'm ready to chatting.

me to, I really want to improve my english,
if anyone wants to be an English chat friend, I'll be there😉

Wanna join this queue of people, id like to improve my English skills too...also french is accepted 💃