Fans of NBA or Euroleague? English

Are there any NBA-lovers here? Or European basketball? What do you think about this year's NBA Playoffs and All-Stars? What about Panathinaikos' powerful performance?

Nba is great and beatiful. :]

i love NBA and basketball....

I like NBA 😃 I liked the all stars . i like the slam dunk contest 🙁 Dwight Howard lost 🙁(

i love my European basketball, EUROBASKET 2009 IS COMING ! ! ! POLAND 7-20 SEPTEMBER ! !

well, latvia israel g.britain and bulgaria disqualified yesterday in eurobasket 2009. i think bulgaria and israel were really weak but britain and latvia were not. greece is suprising. i thought they would be better. spain is still good. germany and croatia played their best. turkey was better than i expect. russia was a huge disappointing.

eurobasket 2009 has lack of nba stars this time, but it's still really fun. surely everybody would like to see kirilenko, nowitzki, okur, jasikevicus and some other stars...

I Love this Game... NBA !
My favorite players is Clyde Dexler !

Can we talk about Basketball and improve my spoken English ?

nba sux...euroleague is way better

NBA basketball is the only way to go....superstar players at another level great to watch!

nba is more money and show than real basketball

Euopean! I never watch sports, but I keep up on the scores. I olny watch sport scores for Europe though, even though I live in the USA