Non-fiction Reading Club English

Everyone! Hello!

Do you know about non-fiction, self-improvement books?

These books help you see the world differently. Whatever problems you have in life can only be solved by first understanding the problem itself. Besides, they're in English so if you want to practice English, you can read these books as most of them are not difficult to read at all, unlike fiction novels.

The books I'll introduce to you will be based on the problems you may have in life - such as shyness, not knowing what to study in university, not feeling confident, not being the most productive you want to be, not knowing how to talk to people, etc.

These books will give you a clear understanding of the problem and the author's solution to the problem!

Let me know if you may be interested and I'll tell you what's next!! (You can even suggest books for me, I read alot!)

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I tried to read such books, but it was difficult for me to do as in those books. So that now I read fiction books just to get delight)