Hello there!

I am Arthur, 17, from France.
I am student and I would want to improve my English for my studies, for this I look for somebody speaking English and wanting to exchange with me, in exchange I can help in French.
I am also very interested in animals, pets but other too, most of all I am passioned for animals' behaviour.
I also like sports (doing and watching) such as football, tennis, handball, rugby etc...
I love cooking too, going to cinema, play videogame and watching series. Well, I am interested in all that can be included in what we can call "culture". I love learning languages.
I am okay for snailmail, but I prefer we talk a little before exchanging our personal adress and letters!
I am just looking for a British friends, around my age (16-19) and who may likes the same things as me.
I don't really know what else to say...
So... if you like the videogame, or animals, or sport, or cinema... please feel free to contact me! I'll answer 🙂

PS : I am sorry for my English, I hope you may help with it! 🙂