Music English

Hey guys, what is your favourite music?

Personally, as my nickname suggests, I like Zappa, but also progressive rock of the 70's.
I also like very much the eclectism of David Bowie!

And what about you?

(and I also love classical music, especially from Beethoven, which is the real hero in music history, onward)

Bowling for Soup

Punk rock?

Nice name for a band!

I love so much last time K-Pop (Korean Pop-music), specially GOT7

And lately I like dreampop, artpop, postpank and embient

I love Green Day and My Chemical Romance, but I'm also listening to Falling Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and the Ramones.
Does anyone else likes Punk Rock? Especially Green Day?

I also like very much the Radiohead, and I'm wondering whethere they are still alive as Group! The last album is The king of limbs and is dated 2011!!!! What happened to them???? Are they preparing any big surprise for their fans, or simply have they run out of ideas????

I also love Green Day <3 It's one of my favourite bands along with Skillet and Breaking Benjamin
my favourite genres in general are punk rock, hard rock, metal and jrock 😃

i like boy bands
back street boys
west life

I love korn and i love nu metal! I also like operas