I looking for new friend :) English

I'm nearly 14 and I looking for friend (boy or girl) close in age. I like drawing and running. My favourite music is rock. I like Queen, Bon Jovi and Three Days Grace. 🙂
I want to learn English so I'm looking for friend from English-speaking country. But, if you aren't from this country of course you can write me too.
I'm waiting for your answers 🙂
Sklanka :*

I am nini i am 12 years old 🙂 i want to learn english too but i am not from english-speaking country. i want to invite you! please invite me and we will be good friends 😃

Hai 🙂
English isn't my mother language but i can speak it average 😃

I am 15 years old but I'm from Finland 😃 If you are interested in speaking on Whatsapp, then I would love to chat with you! If this is OK, please send me your number 🙂 or ask mine