Looking for longterm pen pals- FEMALE ONLY please English

Hi, I'm Camlyn. I'm 18 and I live in the USA, but was adopted from China as a baby. I am a LGBT supporter and have lesbian moms, so if this is a problem please do not respond [but I am open to questions about this if you are willing to stretch your beliefs]. I am a pretty open person, so you can ask me pretty much any questions [but if it's really personal, please email me: (email hidden)]. I am pretty open minded [of course I have biases and jump to conclusions like everyone else]. I like singing, dancing, watching sports [I am pretty awful at playing them], swimming, writing letters, hanging out with friends, playing on electronics, doing puzzles, hanging out with my family, listening to music, and a whole lot more! I am pretty talkative by the way [if you haven't noticed yet]...
Why I am writing this is: I am searching for a pen pal, snail mail [letter writing]. I am willing to write to any female who is 16-22, but if not, then I may not respond, sorry, security thing. I would like to email a bit first, to see if we match and to get to know you before exchanging addresses. I hope to get a couple pen pals from this!!! Hope to hear from you soon!
I would prefer if you had a photo, just to know who I am talking to...
ps I don't mind if you are not a native English speaker, I would be glad to help correct some mistakes. As long as I can understand you enough, it will not be a problem. I can speak French pretty well, and know a LITTLE Chinese.
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I would love to get to know you ! Your message says you search above 16 , but I am turning 16 in a bit more than a month , I'd really love to get to know you !
My name is Lieke ( pronounced as leake )
I am dutch but I'm living in Belgium for the past 11 years 🙂

I hope you'll mail me !

Lots of love

Hi! I'm Kyra, an 18 y.o girl from Italy
I'd be happy to get to know you 🙂

i'm an open minded person, and i have many interests like music, photography, books...
i'm not a native English speaker, but i've been studying this language for many years so i'm quite good at it (or at least i hope that!)

let me know if you're interested in exchanging some mails 😃

have a nice day!

hello am really interest ed

oui je suis interese

hi how are you iam myriam mixed tunisian and spanish i am 22 years old a medical student and i study germany and japanese nice to meet you 🙂

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I would love to get to know you ! I am turning 18 in september , I'd really love to get to know you !My name is Margot
I am french

I hope you'll mail me !



Your introduction is very cool, you seem to be a very nice persn! Text me if you want!

For me You seem to be a very interesting and nice person. I'm Joanna by the way and I'm 22 🙂 Hope we can become penpal friends 😉 Send me a message if You want 🙂