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then these are the instructions:
1) look at the pictures and make sentences use a verb in the past simple and past continuous verb in the sentence in Each.
eg They are relaxing in the living room When the baby starded crying
image to the instructions n°1 is above
That is the point n° 2:
2) Complete the sentences about pictures in 1-4 years 1
use a verb in the past simple and a verb in the past continuous the for each sentence.
Use positive or negative forms.
1 they (sleep) weren't sleeping when the baby (start) starded crying

2 she (have) ____had_______ an accident while she (cycle) _________cycling______ to school.

3 he (do) _____doing________ his English homework when the computer (catch) ____catching _______ fire.

4 she (play) _________________playing______ with the dog when it (decide)

3 Write two questions and answers for pictures 5-8 in exercies 1

Use your imagination for the second answer


5 What was he doing when the policeman arrived?

He was stealing a Tv.

HWhat did he do when the policeman arrived?

He dropped the Tv and ran away.

6 what were they doing when it

they ___________________

what did they do __________

they _____________________________________________

7) ___________________________________________________________________




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