French girl looking for snail mail penpal :) English

Hello! I'm Emilienne, 25, from the North-East of France.

I'm looking for new penpals 🙂
I can write in French or in English. I'm also trying to remember the German things I've learned at school, but wouldn't be able to write a whole letter in German. A few German sentences in a letter in English or French would be great 🙂

I've studied history at the University, so obviously I love it! I also love cinema, reading, photography (taking photographies but also enjoying beautiful pics 😉). I spend a lot of time on the Internet, reading blogs, or on Tumblr. And I watch a lot of TV shows.

So if you think we would have things to share, feel free to ask for my address 🙂

Hello! 🙂 I think, we have a lot in common, would you like to be penpals?🙂

Hi! If you want I'm available to help you, I'm quite good in english language but I don't know french or german 🙂