Who would like to write letters with me?:) English

Hello,everyone!My pen name is Cai Qin(采芹).I'm a quiet and introversive girl.I am in 8th grade.And I am a christian.
I love reading and writing,especailly Shakespeare's plays,Chinese classical poetry.My favourite novel is Anne of green gables.My favourite poet is Tagore.Moreover,my hobbies are collecting books,foreign stamps and coins,waking in the rain,playing the guzheng.I do enjoying classical and national music and opera at leisure.I also do well in drawing.I love ink painting.
I hope to find several long-term penpals all the time.I hope we may talk heart to heart each other by snail mail.I'd love to talk about literature,art(include music,drawing etc...)with a penpal who has similar interests.We may even exchange gifts or cards as well.
I also glad to help your mardarin or introduce Chinese culture to you as a Chinese who love traditional culture. 🙂

my name is silke i do enjou the idea to have a snailpal and you sound intressting
if you want you can look me up and see if i sound intressting to you too, also i love the asian culture and would like to learn about it.
if you do find me intressing send me a mail and i'll give you my home adress.
You can then send me a lettre to start of ok?
but if you wanne get to know me first thats ok too. just chat with me from time to time, though i dont think you and me are going to be online at the same times

Hi, I would like to write letters for you, I have one international envelope and I want to send you letter. I don't mind, if you will want to write first. I like to sleep, eat, watch films, read and listen music, I'm fan of the Beatles. Everything else I will write in letter. Let me know in my profile in the comments, if you're interested. Wish you all the best!