So I present my name Floriane, I'm French, I'm 17, I'm terminally ST2S (health and social). When I will go to Australia I will have 18 years because I want to go in Australia in 20 november 2014 or february 2015.
After my degree I have a project: I had the choice between
-pass nurses contest
-take a gap year
Of course this is not the sabbatical where we stay in to be nothing, no, I want to go one year abroad, probably in Australia (with the pass WHV). I intend to take English classes the first few weeks, find me a job to finance it all and most important travel, discover another country and maybe if I have time to volunteer in associations or something.
I am a motivated student and that is what wants in life, and that is why I have chosen the break between high school and nursing school to go.

so if you know someone who has already done this, just give me advice. And if you're Australian, come to talk to me! 🙂

Thank you!