Paper letters. English

Hi, my name is Vladislav and I am from the coldest country - Russian Federation.
I search new friends, which like to write paper letters.
See you soon. 🙂 🙂

Do you still search people?

Kefkef, yes. I search.

hey Vladislav, are you still interested in writing paper letters/snail mail ?
we can exchange letters if you interested just message me on my wall. 🙂 ciao.

Trisha, it will be great.

Can I too being included in your group?

Sure, why not.

Vladislovas, is your letter coming?

mee too! I want to find someone who writes me paper letters!!! send me an e mail in you want to leave me your address! or I can leave you mine!!!

Kerkef, yes. I sent the letter to you at the 13th of July.