Real letters, someone motivated ? English

[center][b]Hello :clap ,[/b][/center]

My name is Kevin, I'm 23 years old and I live in France. My mother Tongue is French.
I am looking for something special here, in fact I am looking for someone who want communicate with me by written letter. I find that this mode of communication has a certain charm that unfortunately disappeared in the Internet era.
Receiving a letter to traveling hundreds or thousands of kilometers me full of joy.
I seek someone motivated, speaking English or French. Dutch is also possible because I want to learn it.
If sends letter is not possible for you, we can of course exchanging email.

[center][b]Thank you for reading.
Good day and best wishes for 2013! :sorcerer [/b][/center]

I think it's a great idea, because e-mails can't give the feeling of the real letter. If you are interested, write me. 😃

if you want we can speak. my email is (email hidden) kiss