What is your reason for joining penpal gate? English

Thought it would be cool to hear everyone opinon on why you have joined penpal-gate. So tell me why you have joined this site and what you maybe looking for.

I joined Penpal-Gate (PPG) So I can meet new people, learn about new cultures, learn languages, and make new friends from around the world. I love to make friends, and I think that im a good friend to those who give me the chance to be. I used to throw international parties and am hoping to do this again. I also love to get letters in the mail. donatello

I joined PPG because I want to make new friend and I'm looking for a penfriend. My English isn't very good so I want to meet someone who knows it much better and converse with him. Sorry for my mistakes(

Interesting subject. For my part I've joined to Penpalgate in the objectif to find some penpals and to improve my english and my spanish and learn some new languages but I'm a little bit disappointed from this side. I've joined to PPG then from a point of view studious.For to talk with people of my age, secondarily. Nevertheless as I'm disappointed of PPG even If I'm staying on, often I look on many other sites of correspondence. It's like this that I've to meet my egyptian penpal and my japanese penpal. It isn't for to spit in the soup but PPG make me think to UHP for those who know this Harry Potter Website. The Accounts is blocked but are never deleted for to make of the figure.Personally I don't understand this practice because when I've created my forums with a friend we deleted always the accounts from persons who didn't want to return on the site or didn't have time anymore and gave their RPG account to another person. In conclusion I'm really disappointed of PPG from all the sides but I'm staying in the hope to meet good penpals even if the big majority finished by no to talk to me any more. We are all there at to have no more time than his neighbor but we could believe that nobody understood it! -_-