write about the craziest trick you've ever played on sumone English

hi every body have u ever played trick on sumone plz write here cause i wanna trouble sumbody in my school alot sneaky2

plz write here sum ideas of trouubling too yes yes

Um...the funniest ones were to my teachers... One day we all turned our desks around to face the back wall😁 And another time, we pretended we were talking but didn't make any noise, so she thought she was deaf.

lol can u give me tricks i wanna play them on my school friends

what you do is poop in a cup and leave it outside of one their doors

yinyang Well we didn't mean to do it but when we had a new teacher at school she made us wear nametags so some of us switched tags and dhe actually called the people by there well not real names! It was kinda mean. I was glad not to be a part of it. But then again... yinyang

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