Where's your favorite holiday's destination ? English

Hey !

I'm bored of all the basics topics on the forum, so I decided to ask an easy question :

" Where's your favorite holiday's destination ? "

Personally, I like to go everywhere, even beach in winter ! cool2

Thank you in advance for your answer !

Emie ; clover

( PS : I'm sorry if my sentences aren't perfect, I'm French.. )

Interesting thread indeed~
I am not fond of beaches although I would have to visit one in winter - maybe that will change my view on them C:

My favourite holiday destination is Greece. I love Greece very much and I've always had pleasant vacations in there~ if I have to choose particular places in Greece it would be Thassos and Chanioti because they enchanted me 🙂
Soon I would love to visit Mykonos.

I like to travel the world.Have no country in particular but if i had to really pick,I'd say Australia or New Zealand.Its still a mystery country to me...

Aw, I'd love to go to Japan - Just love the culture and everything there =)