language exchange.(chinese&English) English

Hello,My name is Beeing Wong and Im a high school student.
Im 18 years old (going to be 19)
I would like to do language exchange with English speaker through msn,skypy,QQ,.etc.
I am from south of China,I can speak mandarin of course,and I can also speak cantonese.
As I am a cantonese,to be honest,my contonese is better than my mandarin.XD
but my mandarin is not bad.

Im outgoing and kind.
send me an email if you interested.((email hidden))
I also fine to be email pal with people all over the world.send me emails and I will reply at weekend.
ps:I live at school at weekday, I will online at Saturday night.

that's all

Have a good day!
best wishes.

Beeing. 001_cool 001_rolleyes

hi i'm french but i'm good in english and i love china so maybe if you want we can talk