Help me! :) English

Hello! Somebody want to help me to improve my english???? Please! 🙂 This is my last chance!I'm desperate! 🙂
I'm waiting for you!

Ciao 🙂

help you how?

I would like to help you improve English although I am not Engish-speaking native. But plz tell us how can we help you. What's your problems? What's that mean by "your last chance"? Ur a really a strange European ! 囧

Hallo!well... you can help me starting a pen pal with me! 🙂
this is my last chance because I tried many times to learn english was a disaster! Now my boyfriend lives in Germany and when I go to visit him happens that we go out whit his collegues and I seem a "no word girl"!!!I try to speek but it is so difficoultfor me. In Italy i never use the english so I forgot all the grammaticals rules and I never do some excercise! So, I thought that writing mailcan be a good idea to practice english! what do you think about this???

Sure i can, my native language is spanish (If you're interested) but we can improve our english everybody i think! 😉

Perfect!!! I love spanish! I did the Erasmus in Barcelona in 2005. I lived there for 8 mounths! Wath a wonderful city!