My comments disappeared!!! English

taz Hey everyone! I wanted to look through my previous comments but I did not find them anywhere on my page... I tried to do it through my link in mail but I did not find anything either thumbdown
And how to watch the friend list??? I'll be very very thankfull for help 🙂 And the messages I received and sent....?

[color=#006BDC]hi, first, you can see your friend list at the bottom of your note(introduction) and if you can check out your mail box(the email that you used to sign in the site) if you received a message or not!

and about the previous comments, you can not see them on your wall if you posted it on other people's wall! and by the way, if you reply other people's comment on your own profile page, your friends won't notice until they go and check out your page!

Have a wonderful day!

[color=#FFFFFF]by the way, what's the song that playing on your page? [/color]

Edit by Fernando .

Thank you very much 🙂 I cant hear it =\ smth is wrong with player?

settings of this social net r realy weird!

[color=#934472]I'm not sure if there's something wrong with your music player, or maybe it's your browser doesn't support you to load the music player? [/color]

[color=#104849]you just need time to get to use it 😉 [/color]

yep, exactly )