who interested in snail mail or real mail :") ? English

I am really interested in writing snail mails to friends, of course I have written real mail to my friend who live in another country. And I really love the feeling when I received the mail then open it. :clap
Now, I want to find new person who would like to write real mail to me. 😛
Although my mother tounge is chinese, I major in English. So I believe our communication is not a problem. Don't worry :angel

I am looking forward to everyone's replying :yes

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me too

hey I'd like to be your snailmail penpal 🙂

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Yes me too! I want to learn more about your culture 😉

Same here 🙂

me too

I'd love to ! =)

I would like to join you 🙂

Hi! It's the same I'm looking for! So, if you want we talk... I really would like it!

I would like to be your snail pal.

I would like to be snail mail pal 🙂

Hi! I would like to be your adolescent. Do you agree? ;D If you agree you have to know that Poland is very far from your country so our future leeters would come to Us for maybe one or two weeks. ;D But don't worry because we will have enough free time to write very long and interesting sories about our periods of life. I hope to see your letter in my mailbox. ;D I'm waiting for your quick answer. Sorry for my grammar and other mistakes ;D
Warm grettings from cold and cloudly Poland! ;D