I search a English corresponding ! English

Hello 🙂
I'm Léna and I'm French.
I would like to speak about a people to all of the world but I don't speak English verry well.
I search a english person for speaking with me and definitly becoming friends.
I think it's important to kown spaking lots of language and I will be happy to meet a stranger.
Thank's 😃

nice to write you! How are you? I'm fine and i hope so are you! I'm italian and i live in Rimini. I have been working for five years in a gas cylinder's factory in charge of skilled worker in the tightness of the valves.
I've got a male twin and a bigger sister. have you got any brother or sister? you write enough well but i notice some mistakes:
i would like speaking to the people of all the world but I don't speak English very well.
I am looking for an english person to speak with. And then we will become friends.
I think it's important to know speaking a lot of languages. Thanks
In the last statement you have to use "a lot of" for a positive sense; instead "lot of" has a bit negative sense
i wish you a good night
My email is (email hidden)
See you soon