Hey everyone, i'm a 20 yo french student :yes

I'm here today because I would like to speak with people from different country than mine.
Of course to improve my english but also to discover others people and others culturs.

Maybe it could help you to know me better so here's what I like to do :
- watching movies (Kubrick, Scorsese, De Palma, Tarantino, Coen brothers and many others)
- watching TV shows (The Big Bang Theory, HYMYM, The Wire, Misfits, South Park, The Simpson, Boardwalk Empire, ...)
- listening music (all kind, but it goes from classic to rap, metal, country, etc...)
- reading (news papers, literature, philosophy, political, theater, etc...)
- playing sport like soccer and running

Moreover, i'm a great fan of Tupac Shakur and I started to translate/explain some of his songs thus i'm looking for english people (mother tongue) who could help me in that process ; to be sure that I understand the true meaning of the lyrics. I'll be glad to find someone interested to help me, because i'm really motivate to do this work during my summer holidays.

By the way, if someone wants help in french, feel free to contact me ! 😉
Anyway, feel free to contact me for any purpose !

My skype : bad-santa_

Thanks in advance !