Looking for a correspondant (English/French) English

Ju- Ju-

Heey !

My name is Justine I'm french ,14 years old, and I 'm searching a corespondant ( 14-15 years old) for improve my bad english !
And after, exchange ? 😛 lol2

I´m also years old and I´m from Germany! I´m interested!
You can write me an e-mail or leave a message on my profile 😃


Ju- Ju-

OKKKK !! I send you an email !

il y un super site internet www.xilfee.eu qui te permettrais d'organiser un séjour linguistique....alors tu peux regarder GRATUITEMENT pour voir les familles d'accueil, et si tu veux organiser une visite dans une famille, tu peux utiliser cette code pour profiter d'une reduction : FSS-EM2-512
Good luck!

Hello, my name is Lucile. I'm french. And I search an English person of my age to speak English with me.
I love music and sport. My favorite music group are On Direction, The Fray, the arctic monkeys, the rolling stones, muse and U2. I'm a gymnast and I like running and swimming.
XOXO LUcile ♥