So cool even "wearing" a baby English

Accompanied by a bodyguard, new mom Beyonce was noticed carrying her 2 months daughter Blue Ivy,in a baby carrier in town on Tuesday (March 13). The Grammy Award-winning singer looked casual stylish in a multi-beige outfit with her hair pulled back.
Since I became a mum,I had no night world and no easily shopping...
Carrying my baby,I can't focus on what I need to buy.Once babies hit seven or eight months, their attention spans dwindle and searching will become much more difficult. Things will become even tougher a few months later when babies starts to walk.
How do you go shopping with your angles?

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Seems like you already have a general idea of what is coming down the road. The experience of becoming a new mother has been so romanticized
by the media and society in general, that the abrupt change in lifestyle comes as a rude shock.

Have patience and you are going to have that selfless love and affection for your child very near in future. As for the shopping, take a break - delegate to the hubby.