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Hi......I'm looking for new nice funny crazy penpals 001_tt1 :tongue:
I dont really mind the country, as long as you are:

1) around my age :yes
2) write LONG letters by postal way (NO emails & NO msn & NO skype!) & with DECENT handwriting thumbup2
3) handwrite your letters (or at least, not type ALL the time OR, dont make copy & paste letters!) be original donatello
4) be open minded & talk about everything,share your ideas & experiences :clap

I hate people who....write just a few lines, write once in a year, write ONLY about their children & their dog's poop, are very close minded
& racist, childish & sexual sick people (I AM MARRIED....pls DONT try to write to make flirting!!!)

anyway, anybody who wants to correspond just send me a message & we can exchange postal addresses rockon

I noticed that I got 60 visits to this post & not 1 request.....maybe people is scared or bothered cos Im muslim?!?!?!
confused1 confused1 confused1 confused1 confused1

I don't think it's because you're muslim. Corresponding with someone is suppose to be an exchange and in your message it's all about you about what you require. Maybe that's why you don't have any response.
And please, don't play the religious card, I think it's low.

I just make clear what kind of pals I want....it is more low to judge me without knowing me!!!

I just find very BIZARRE many many visit & not even 1 left a word!!!
just one guy who is......MUSLIM too!!!

I first watched this because I'm looking or real penfriends too.
Then I saw all your requirements, and just left the page.

I think other people did this too.