You wanna learn French ? Perfect I wanna learn your language ! English

Hi Everyone, I'm a 24 age old French boy, and i'd like to meet people around the world, and have conversations in several languages, so i can improve my skills.
I especially want to have conversations in English and Spanish, but i'm ok with other languages such as German, and Japanese... ( Though i have only basic notions in the last two.)

As I also said in the title, french is my mother language, so if you want to learn it too i'd be glad to speak it with you either.

Beyond languages teaching, i'm also interested in discovering other cultures, philosophy, beliefs, and various other topics which we could talk about.

So if you share the same interests don't hesitate and tell me !

( If i could i'd like to talk with many people from different countries but as i have not enough time to do so, i'd prefer chat with people the same age, and English, Spanish or Japanese as a priority.)

Hope to hear from you ! Bye !

Hi! I'm 28, Polish, I love travelling, languages and different cultures. I'd love to chat with someone in English to upgrade my skills I work as an English teacher but those who share profession with me know that when your learn the book by heart there's nothing more to do especially when working with kids 🙂 most of the day I repeat basic nouns and regular verbs so it's kind a a a a a frustrating especially when you'd like to have a decent conversation with an adult. Anyhow, if you're interested in chatting or exchanging some information about culture etc. I'm there for you.

Hi! I'm 14, Venezuelan, I love cook, learn other languages, etc. I really want to learn french please, could you teach me or something?