Hiking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities.[url=http://www.scontouggstivale.com/]scarpe ugg[/url] , You can explore exciting new places and see natural scenery while hiking.[url=http://www.mbtutbildaresalu.com/]mbt sverige[/url] , However, you must have a lot of problems for that.[url=http://www.louisvuittontienda.com/]louis vuitton bolso[/url] , If you are a serious hiker, you might know that you have to sustain many injuries while hiking, the most common one is a blister. In fact a blister is not a big problem but if left untreated, it possibly will be infected. A blister occurs when your boot or sock rubs against your skin for long time. There are several reasons for its occurrence like shoes not fitting properly and too much moisture on your feet.

You need prevention before a blister coming out. The most important point is to buy a pair of good quality hiking boots that fit your feet properly. Usually stiffer boots can provide better protection and will soften up as you walk, but they might not be so comfortable before they have been broken in. The best way is to choose a pair that is comfortable when you put it on and does not need to be broken in. Something also important is to find the right hiking socks.

Hiking socks traditionally are made of silk, cotton or wool, but now more new materials such as lycra, polyester and combinations of the above have been used commonly. They can provide better cushion and dryness to your feet while hiking. There are a lot of brands now in the market. If needed take off the boots after stopping somewhere (it is advisable for long hiking), rinse them and dry them completely before putting your boots back on. You must hate the pebble stuck in your sock, and you also do not want to make them wetter then your sweat is already doing.

If you have had a blister, you need treatment on the trail. You can find everything you need in your first aid kit that is certainly a must for a hiker. Once you notice that you have a blister, stop immediately and take your boot off. You need to clean and disinfect the area with alcohol or antibacterial cream. After that you can pierce the blister near its base, horizontally with a sterilized needle. Gently squeeze the fluid out and do not leave any of it on skin. Then cover the area with a bandaid or moleskin to prevent it from further damage.

The best way for prevent blister is to protect yourself. It is not terribly dangerous but possibly will ruin your trip. With proper treatment you will wonderfully finish your hiking trip without too much pain.