Improving english English

Hi all !
I'm new on this website. My name is Vivien, 23 years old i'm french and I would like to improve my english and if need i can help anyone for speaking french.
I don't have critera, just speak about all and nothing first by e-mail or msn and why not after if possible with skype 🙂
Thanks ! cowboy

Hey Vivien! I'm Jane from USA. If you want I can help you to improve your can talk to me without problems 🙂

Write to me soon...😉

Hi Jane !
Thanks for your answer your help will be very useful 🙂
You prefer to write by MP, e-mails or another ?

You can send me messages too if you want! Always in for helping people 🙂

Hi lostlover thanks for your message and it will be a pleasure to write to you !
Tell me how i can talk with you 🙂