I am French I would need help to improve my English please .. English

Hii everybody 🙂

My name is Louise , i'm french ..

I would really need help to improve my English I teaches him to the middle school but I would really like to perfect I plan to go to stay linguistics in one of the countries English speaker I would like very much the USA. But for he(she,it) it is necessary that I know how to speak almost usually about English and it is not really my case, I know how to say words, use time of conjugation, but his(her,its) stops there! Most of the time I use Google translation lol! Thus here is if you want help me🙂 I possess an address msn😉
And in exchange I can you help for French😉

Good bye 🙂

I can help you improving your English if you want. I also have Msn so it's not a problem for me. Let me know 🙂

I would advise you just to talk a lot in english, here on penpalgate or via msn... The more you speak it, the more you get to know and the more you learn! Good luck!