We're looking for translators! News and updates

We are working on a brand new version of Penpal-Gate, where every feature has been revisited and redesigned from the ground up.

As we're coming close to the release of this major upgrade, now is a good time for us to reach out to our most dedicated members in the hopes that we can get our work translated into many different languages.

Will you become our ambassador from your country? Feel free to PM me or reply to this thread if you'd like to find out more. 🙂


[Update]: The new version is now live but we're still looking for help with translations.

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I would become ambassador to France.

I would become ambassador to France.
Thanks Yann for your message. French and English have already been taken care of as of right now. 🙂

I'd be interested into reaching out to you. Lmk.

I can do Korean

I would become Ambassador to Germany! 🙂

nowhereman, KellyLee_KR, Leoon: I just emailed you. 🙂

I would become Ambassador to Benin

Hi I am Frida,
I would love to help translating into german, if it's still needed =)

i can help in polish 😃

Hi, I would become Ambassador to Italy

Thanks! 🙂

I'm interested in that. I wanna be ambassador to both France and Burkina Faso.

an ambassador of the planet Kepler 452b here.

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Hi! I'd like to be the ambassador to Italy. It would be great for me!

I would like to be Polish ambassador

Polish and Italian already filled 🙂. Thanks for your interest though!


I'm willling to but my english is so poor🙁