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Hey, I can understand written French really well so I can translate it into English and sorta vice-versa. Also I can translate Russian into English and French, but I can't do it vice versa.

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I can do Spanish.

I can speak Korean and English.

Et moi je peux parler le français ,je suis a votre service.

je peux aussi aider pour le français et l'arabe.

I speak creole! and write it toooooo

i can speak french.

I speak and write English and Spanish. So, if you need help translating something I'm here for ya. =D

Moi aussi, je peux parler le francais. J'offre mes survices. 001_smile Et, je peux apprendre un peux de Japonaise.


Ah, I speak english too. (I can't beleive I forgot to write that.)

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I can translate in spanish if ya need help =]

I can speak Lithuanian and English!
As galiu kalbet Lietuviskai ir Angliskai!

[I just need those little characters: ĄČĘĖĮŠŲŪŽ ąčęėįšųūž]

I can speak English and a little bit of Japanese (my mum and dad taught English in Japan). I'm happy to learn more! If i can help give me a yell. Thanks, Emily

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I speak German, English, and Japanese, and I would love to help translate, if needed.
Contact me if need be. 🙂

i know seriously what is ther proble

I don't really think that this is the place to discuss this kind of stuff. Maybe you should make a separate thread? 🙂

think about good relashionship