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Dear Penpal-Gate,
I think that the recent inflow of US-American and possibly also Uruguayan accounts is only to create fake accounts and invite people to strange sites. At least I got such messages. Is there some possibility to remove them from Penpal-Gate?
Best regards,

Yep, see these too.

As I know there was also a fake account of one guy from Venezuela and admin did Smth (i don't really know what) so just wait. There will be Smth done with it.

I haven't received any message from this kind but I guess you can probably report them, or contact directly the admin using the option "contact us" (at the bottom of the site).

I've already written an E-Mail, but there's to many of them to report them all, at least twenty I think.
I suppose they're bot accounts, the messages they write suggest that, too.

Is it possible to delete messages?

Is it possible to delete messages?
According to this thread it should be possible:


But I only found the option to "archive" a conversation.

Yes all profiles have been banned and messages deleted. There was a vulnerability that someone exploited to send out tons of messages. It has now been fixed. Thank you for your messages

Maybe you've missed some, this one is still there for instance:

Thanks for removing those messages!
they were really inappropriate

damn these accounts are being made again